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Neftekhim is able to produce the following polypropylene grades in accordance with the National standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Granular Polypropylene”, Technical Specification ST RK 3191-2018:

PP Н020, MFR g/10min 1.6 – 2.4

PP H030, MFR g/10min 2,5 – 3,5

RR H040, MFR g/10min 3.6 – 4.9

RR H250, MFR g/10min 20 – 30

RR H350, MFR g/10min 34 – 42

Nowadays Neftekhim produces polypropylene of the following grades: PP H030, PP H250, PP H350. .

Polypropylene is packed in 25 kg bags of Neftekhim own production manufactured under AD*STAR technology (block-bottom bags). The bags are placed in a palletless pack (8 rows: 1 bottom row – 4 bags, 7 rows – 5 bags),total weight 975 kg (39 pcs. * 25 kg).

To consider the possibility of cooperation it is necessary to check out Neftekhim General Terms and Conditions of Delivery  (read, sign, stamp, e-mail a scanned copy) and send a cover letter in a free form with general information about your company (year of foundation, type of activity, your markets).

Neftekhim General Terms and Conditions of Delivery

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