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Social Activities

April 28, 2018

The Pavlodar Region Year of Ecology

2018 has been declared The Pavlodar Region Year of Ecology. Being one of the largest regional industrial enterprises Kompaniya Neftekhim LTD LLP performs a number of environmental protection measures. About 20 million tenge are allocated for these purposes annually. The measures are aimed at protecting atmospheric air and soil from pollution, at controlling the impact of the Plant on the environment.

To support The Pavlodar Region Year of Ecology, Neftekhim representatives took part in summing up the results of the regional stage within the republican competition of children’s drawings on environmental topics Taza Bolsa Tabigat – Aman Bolar Adamzat among the students of orphanages and special secondary schools. Sponsorship was provided for the purchase of prizes. The Grand Prix of the competition was received by Madina Karpekova, a student of secondary school No. 3 (Aksu City).  She was awarded with an android tablet. The first places for the best photo collage, the best photo and the best drawing were received by Zarina Gaysina (Terenkol village), Damir Khusainov (Aksu City), Alina Moiseenko (Peschanoe village). They were awarded with mobile phones. The participants who took the second and third places also received valuable gifts.

Kompaniya Neftekhim LTD LLP takes an active position in the life of Pavlodar City.


In 2012 Neftekhim donated a kindergarten for 320 children to the city. The Company regularly provides assistance to war and labor veterans as well as children of low-income families.

Since 2012 Neftekhim has been the official sponsor of the men’s volleyball team named Pavlodar and has been actively cooperating with the Pavlodar Volleyball Club Public Foundation. Thanks to the active support of the Company, the team worthily represented Pavlodar Region in the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012.

Since the launch of the plant, students of universities, colleges and lyceums have had the opportunity to have practical training here. More than fifty young specialists stayed to work at Neftekhim after graduation.

Neftekhim constantly and actively participates in national and city campaigns, such as: Kamkorlyk-Care (assistance to war veterans and home front workers), Childhood Gone Through War (event planning for former prisoners of concentration camps), Care for the Others (patronage of the care home for elderly and disabled), “Let’s Take a Child to School” (national campaign to support children of low-income families in buying clothes and school supplies).

The management and employees of the Company do not stand aside and willingly provide considerable assistance.