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Our phone number: 8 (7182) 61-10-88

Corporate Responsibility


Company Commitments to:​

  • consumers – continuously provide all enterprises with high-quality organic chemistry products;​
  • partners – fulfill obligations flawlessly, build long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, resolve all issues through constructive dialogue;
  • employees – provide jobs and improve the skills of working personnel, pay close attention to HSE;
  • government agencies – actively participate in governmental programs, facilitate implementation of the Annual Presidential Addresses, assist in solving social issues;
  • environmental protection – apply advanced production technologies to mitigate emissions of harmful substances, and promote sustainable use of natural recourses.

Our Values​​

Integrity and compliance with the principles of business conduct and ethics. Strict adherence to the highest standards of ethics in all areas of business relationships. Open and transparent business practices. Responsibility for our words and actions. Striving for fruitful cooperation and mutual trust with partners and government agencies.

Respect. An open working environment for everyone, providing conditions for the active participation of people with different ideas, abilities and background. Respect for the uniqueness and diversity of each individual’s point of view and abilities.​

High performance and product quality. Commitment to achieving high performance of our activities, as well as to continuous improvement. Production in accordance with the highest professional standards.