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Employment Opportunities

Vacant jobs

PP Bags Division:

Weaver (ensuring maintenance and trouble-free operation of circular looms, ensuring the required quality of fabric)

Power Supply Division:

Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, category 5-6 (disassembly, major repairs of electrical equipment for any purpose of all types and dimensions)

Administration and Maintenance Department:

Worker for complex maintenance and repair of buildings

Landscaper (maintaining squares, parks, planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing, removing leaves, etc.)

 Warehouse and Finished Product Shipment Division:

Loader (loading/unloading operations)

Production Engineering Service:

Process engineer (participation in the information system setup)

Technical Control Department:

Product and process quality controller (visual and instrumental quality control of products during the manufacturing process).

Plant Research Laboratory:

Chemical analysis laboratory assistant  (all work related to the preparation of equipment for testing and sampling).

Motor Transport Division:

Bus driver (transportation of passengers and timely maintenance of the bus)

Applications for employment are processed on Tuesday and Thursday (these days an interview is held and in case of a positive review of the applicant for a vacancy, an application is immediately written).

Acceptance of documents for employment is on Monday and Wednesday till 12.30 a.m. (you shall submit the result of a medical examination to the medical center, undergo an introductory safety briefing which begins at 09:20 a.m., and submit documents to the HR Department).

Inquiries by phone 8 /718/ 261-10-88 ext. 03-01

Mobile/watsapp: +7 701 032 82 74

Your CV can be sent:

by fax: +7 /718/ 2611085 (automatic)

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