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Our phone number: 8 (7182) 61-10-88

Price List

Our guests shall arrive at the resort with pre-issued vouchers.

Arrival: Wednesday to Sunday, from 09.00 to 04.00 p.m.

Delivery: by Neftekhim own motor ship.

The cost of one day recreation (daytime only): 2 000 KZT per person.

Children up to 7 years old: free of charge.

Children from 7 to 15 years old: 50% of the voucher cost.

Payment for vouchers: non-cash payment to Neftekhim account or cash either at Neftekhim cash desk or at the resort.

Rules of conduct in Ostrov Rabochiy Resort territory

Upon arrival the following documents shall be presented to the resort administration:

1.         Travel voucher

2.         Identity document (passport, ID card, driver’s license, pass).


1. To rest in Ostrov Rabochiy Resort territory at the time specified in the voucher.

2. To bring food, drinks, sports equipment, games and other things not prohibited by the rules.

3. To use all the services provided.

4. To walk within and outside the resort territory. To play outside games on specially equipped grounds. To use  rented sports equipment and board games subject to prior payment.

5. To use the sauna subject to prior payment.

6. To cook food in specially equipped places.

7. To consume food and drinks brought along.

8. To purchase refreshments from the resort administration for cash.

9. To ask the resort administration for help, including emergency transportation to the city.


1. Follow the above rules of conduct as well as fire and safety regulation.

2. Observe moral and ethical standards, refrain from excessive use of alcohol and foul language. To respect the right of other guests to rest, not to insult the staff and other guests with their actions and words.

3. Treat the property of the resort with care. In case of its damage, harm or loss, the guilty person shall cover any damage.

4. Monitor the safety of its property on its own.

5. Control the behavior of the children brought along.

6. Observe cleanliness and order in the resort territory.

7. Dispose of the waste generated during and after the stay at the resort in a designated container.

8. Turn off electrical appliances and lighting when leaving the building.

9. Hand over the building place, linen, equipment and inventory to the administration when leaving the resort.


1. To bring weapons, ammunition, explosives, including pyrotechnic products, into the resort territory.

2. To bring pets into the resort territory.

3. To leave children unattended.

4. To make fire outside of specially equipped places.

5. To smoke inside the resort premises and outside the designated smoking areas.

6. To take cottage/building property (furniture, equipment) outside.

7. To light the stove in the sauna and cottages without permission and at its own.

8. To swim in the river.

9. To use electric heating devices brought along.

10. To use narcotics.

11. To litter and leave waste outside of the trash containers.

12. To set fire to leaves and grass.

13. To make noise after 11.00 p.m.

14. To try to fix any fails in the resort power supply and electrical appliances on its own.


30 minutes before the end of the leave time the guest shall come to the resort administration to hand over the property entrusted safe and sound. In case of loss, damage or destruction of property, to cover any damage. Leave the resort territory in the stipulated time.

 The resort  administration is not responsible for accidents that occurred through the fault of the guests or occurred outside the resort territory.